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Why Teens Smoke

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Family influence

One of the findings of teen smokers is that the young people who come from an unhappy home, where parents paid little attention to their children and the harsh physical punishment is easier to be smokers than young people who come from environments happy home (Baer & Corado in Atkinson, Introduction to psychology, 1999:294).

Teenagers who come from families who emphasize conservative social values ​​and religious well with long-term goals are more difficult to engage with the cigarette / tobacco / drugs compared with the permissive families with an emphasis on the philosophy of "work things out on their own", and The most powerful influence is when the parents themselves to figure as an example of the heavy smokers, the children would be likely to imitation.

Smoking behavior over many find in those who live with a single parent (single parent). Teens will be faster behave as smokers if their mothers smoked than paternal smoking, it is more noticeable in young women (Al Bachri, Bulletin RSKO, year IX, 1991).

 Influence of friends.

The facts reveal that more and more teens smoke, the more likely their friends are smokers too and vice versa.

Of this fact there are two chances of that happening, the first juvenile was influenced by his friends or even friends, teens are influenced by the adolescent self that eventually they all become smokers. Among teen smokers are 87% had at least one or more friends who are smokers as well as nonsmokers teens (Al Bachri, 1991)

Personality Factors.

People try to smoke because of the reasons you want to know or want to escape from physical or mental pain, free yourself from boredom. But one personality trait that is predictive in drug users (including cigarettes) is social conformity. People who scored high on a variety of social conformity tests easier to users compared with those who had low scores (Atkinson, 1999).
Ad Impact.

Saw an ad in the press and electronic display image that smokers are the symbol of virility or glamor, making teens often triggered to follow the behavior like the one in the ad. (Let Juniarti, Bulletin RSKO, year IX, 1991).

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